ECE Advisory Board

Launched in 2012, the Advisory Board (AB) serves as a bridge between the ECE Department and its key industry affiliates to facilitate regular communications and interaction through annual events to elevate the relevance of our curriculum and research programs to the industry. 

Specifically, the objectives of the AB include:

  • Seeking professional advice and feedback from the industry on our curriculum and how we could better prepare our students for their career.
  • Reviewing the UG and PG curriculum and courses.
  • Examining new educational ideas and new curriculum developments.
  • Promoting closer academic / industry collaboration in UG and PG education through various channels such as internships, final year   project / thesis co-supervision and consultancy.
  • Promoting collaborative research activities between the department and industry.
  • Jointly exploring call for proposals and funding opportunities.
  • Serving as the judge on the ECE Final Year Project Industry Day.

Companies in both technical and non-technical fields and academics are invited to join the AB, so we can have a comprehensive understanding of the changing needs of different industry sectors related to ECE. Through the AB, we aim to build stronger, long-term relationships with the industry and gain valuable insights into the requirements of the employers and our society. Board members are required to attend an annual meeting in early May every year.

Members from the Industry (as of the meeting on 12 May 2017)

Company Contact Person
Analog Devices, Inc. Mr. Morton ZHAO
Analog Devices, Inc. Mr. Bob YANG
Analog Devices, Inc. Mr. David GAO
Analog Devices, Inc. Ms. Flora GAO
ASM Pacific Technology Ltd. Mr. Peter NG
CITIC Telecom International CPC Ltd Mr. Stephen HO
Globaltec Electronics Ltd Mr. Herbert NG
Guangdong Hiway Integrated Circuit Technology (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd. Dr. Edwin KWONG
Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited Dr. Allen WONG
Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited Mr. Carlson CHU
Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited Mr. Ricky KWONG
Huawei Tech. Investment Mr. Eric NG
Invoxia Asia Limited Mr. William TAO
Kun Hang Group Dr. Daniel NG
Micom Tech Limited Mr. Victor NG
Rohde & Schwarz HK Ltd. Mr. Frank WONG
Rohde & Schwarz HK Ltd. Mr. WANG Hoi LUNG
RS Components Mr. Kelvin TSE
SAE Dr. Dennis T.K. TONG


Members from Local Universities

University Name
City University of Hong Kong Prof. Ping LI
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Prof. Soung LIEW
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Prof. Michael TSE
The University of Hong Kong Prof. Ronnie HUI


Members from International Universities 

Separate annual meetings are scheduled with international AB members

University Name
MIT Prof. Charlie SODINI
Columbia University Prof. Julie HIRSCHBERG
Imperial College Prof. Kin LEUNG