Prof. Ling SHI has been Named as One of the Young Scientists of World Economic Forum (WEF) Class of 2020

Prof. Ling SHI has been named as one of the 25 Young Scientists, Class of 2020, of World Economic Forum (WEF).  

"The Young Scientists community was created in 2008 to engage rising-star researchers in the work of the World Economic Forum. The Young Scientists are a community of extraordinary scientists from various academic disciplines and geographies. They are committed to integrating scientific knowledge into society for the public good. In the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the community helps leaders engage with science and the role it plays in society." (Extracted from Young Scientists website)

Prof. SHI is currently Associate Professor of the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering. His research interests include automatic control, cyber-physical systems, game theory and networked sensing.  Prof. SHI is the Associate Directors of HKUST Robotics Institute and HKUST-DJI Joint Innovation Laboratory.

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