New Generation of Barcode Developed by Prof. Wai Ho MOW and His Team may Revolutionize the Retail and Shopping Experience

Prof. Wai Ho MOW and his research team developed the new generation of barcode, which could employ images instead of conventional black-and-white lines and blocks as barcode for people to get complex information such as product brochure, even without internet connections.  

Picture-embedded codes and video-embedded codes, or we called PiCodes and ViCodes, have visual information embedded, are more secure and eye-catching.  They are much harder to manipulate to embed malware or links to dangerous webpages.  The new generation of barcode has the potential to revolutionize the retail and shopping experience.


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Asia Times – Barcodes and QR codes ripe for improvement

HKUST’s logo is transformed into a PiCode.

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