HKUST Robotics Team Won the 1st Runner-Up and Dynamixel Awards in the 5th ROBO-ONE auto

A group of five robotics team members participated in the autonomous biped robot competition, the 5th ROBO-ONE auto, on 28 September 2019 in Kanagawa, Japan. ROBO-ONE is the largest worldwide biped robot competition.  This was the first time for a Hong Kong team to join the competition and the first time for HKUST to participate.  The team won the 1st Runner-up and Dynamizer awards in the competition.


The Robotics Team members are

KINAGI, Amrutavarsh Sanganabasappa  (CSE Yr-3)

LEE, Chun Hei (CPEG Yr-4)  (Team leader)

LEUNG, Pok Man (ECE Yr-3)

MAK, Ka Hei (Mech Yr-4)

MAK, Kin Wing (Mech Yr-4)



"The Biped Robotics Association hold a bipedal walking robot fighting games aiming at improving robot technology and spreading bipedal walking robots.

This fiscal year, we received special cooperation from MISUMI Group head office that supports manufacturing, will hold MISUMI presents 35th ROBO-ONE,MISUMI presents 5th ROBO-ONE auto and MISUMI presents 19th ROBO-ONE Light at the Kanagawa Prefecture Youth Center."


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 The Robotics Team (From Left to Right: MAK Ka Hei (Mech Yr-4), LEUNG Pok Man (ECE Yr-3), MAK Kin Wing (Mech Yr-4), LEE Chun Hei (CPEG Yr-4)  (Team leader) and KINAGI Amrutavarsh Sanganabasappa  (CSE Yr-3))
The Robotics Team (​​From Left to Right: MAK, Ka Hei (Mech Yr-4), LEUNG, Pok Man (ECE Yr-3), MAK, Kin Wing (Mech Yr-4), LEE, Chun Hei (CPEG Yr-4) (Team leader) and KINAGI, Amrutavarsh Sanganabasappa (CSE Yr-3))


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