Five UG Students have been Selected to be the Recipients of the 2019 Academic Achievement Medal

The Academic Achievement Medal is the highest academic honor bestowed by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on outstanding undergraduate students upon graduation.

The Academic Achievement Medal was established in 1994 to recognize graduates whose outstanding academic achievements bring honor and distinction both to themselves and to the University. To qualify for the Medal the graduate must achieve an average of A in all courses taken throughout the program of study, with no record of a failed course. Only the top 2-3 % of graduates are awarded the Medal each year.

The following undergraduate students have been selected to be the recipients of the 2019 Academic Achievement Medal:

Mr. CHAN, Lawrence Ki-on

Mr. GU, Qiao

Mr. LUENAM, Phoomraphee

Mr. LYU, Shengrui

Mr. KOO, Tin Lok


The Academic Achievement Medal will be presented to the recipients at the University Congregation on 7 November 2019. 

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