ECE & IEEE ED/SSC HK Joint Chapter Co-organized the IEEE Electronic Exploration Camp to Expose 112 Schoolchildren to Fascinating Electronic Technologies

As a continuation of a series of successful STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) educational activities to inspire kids to study and work in electronic engineering or related areas, the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering(ECE) of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and IEEE Electron Device and Solid-State Circuit (ED/SSC) Hong Kong Joint Chapter co-organized a 3-day Electronic Exploration Camp on December 27-29, 2018 at the scenic campus of HKUST with state-of-the-art multimedia teaching facilities.

The series was initiated by Prof. Mansun CHAN in 2012 and this is the 7th time of such an event with several dozens of schoolchildren coming to HKUST to explore the fascinating electronic technologies through electronic circuit construction sessions and lab tours. Through learning and trying to build a few interesting electronic circuits, in particular a running light indicator, an electronic piano and an infrared detector, participating kids have been introduced to major areas of ECE, namely digital integrated circuits, photonics, signal and multimedia processing. They also learned some key electronic engineering concepts such as voltage and current, signals, electrical measurements, clock generation and the use of mathematics in engineering etc. that are taught in electronic engineering programs at university. While touring around the research and teaching laboratories, they were also exposed to other technology pillars of ECE such as nanosystem fabrication and applied electromagnetics and wireless communications. They were captivated by various experimental demonstrations in the research labs, especially if they were allowed to try the demonstrations by themselves.

With successes of previous years, 18 student helpers were recruited in giving instructional guidance to 112 schoolchildren in the electronic circuit construction and other educational activities over the three days. The 18 student helpers, who are all science and engineering undergraduates at HKUST, also benefited from the event. From the preparation stage, they learned many skill in event organization, task management and problem solving. They also developed their abilities in communicating technical ideas in a concise manner throughout the process of guiding the kids to construct the electronic circuits. While serving as student helpers in leading groups of kids, they realized the importance of leadership qualities and active thinking that are much needed in their future careers, especially in meeting demands of customers or clients.

With the skill developed in the camp, the participants have been encouraged to participate in the forthcoming IEEE Electronic Endeavor Match to be held on 27th April 2019 at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. It is a competition for the participants to test their abilities to understand the conceptual circuit diagrams and then build the functional electronic circuits on a breadboard in the shortest time.

ECE Department of HKUST & IEEE ED/SSC HK Joint Chapter co-organized the IEEE Electronic Exploration Camp to expose 112 schoolchildren to fascinating electronic technologies
ECE Department of HKUST & IEEE ED/SSC HK Joint Chapter co-organized the IEEE Electronic Exploration Camp to expose 112 schoolchildren to fascinating electronic technologies

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